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Engrossed in fashion at a very young age Lucas Charles has been very fortunate to appear on Project Runway: Threads, Project Runway: Junior and show at both Orlando International Fashion Week and Discover Your Beauty.

Lucas wanted an outlet to design and create clothing that is androgynous, stylish and fun so he and his sister Victoria came up with the idea for 

While we're ramping up our first release will be a line of limited edition T shirts. Part of the proceeds will be donated to The Center Orlando to help the well being of the Central Florida Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities.

Keep an eye out for updates. We're reaching out to gender neutral designers to add their clothing lines, as well as Lucas' designs, in the near future. Thanks again for visiting our site! If you only leave with one takeaway make it this....

We're all =

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Gender Neutral Clothing

13506 Summerport Village Parkway, Windermere, Florida 34786, United States

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